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Intellectual Freedom News 2/26/2021

“Library services surpass bricks and mortar, as library professionals continue to adapt and develop innovative ways to deliver library materials and services that transform lives and support lifelong learning. Whether bookmobile, outreach van, book bike, senior services, school services, library workers go above and beyond to ensure that marginalized, underserved populations and all community members have access to library services.” National Library Outreach Day on April 7, 2021

Intellectual Freedom News

Intellectual Freedom News 1/29/2021

The deadline for the IFRT 2021 Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award has been extended to February 26, 2021. The award recognizes an intellectual freedom-focused organization that has developed a strong multi-year, ongoing program or a single, one-year project that exemplifies support for intellectual freedom, patron confidentiality and anti-censorship efforts. This award consists of a citation and $1,000.

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Intellectual Freedom News 1/8/2021

The Executive Board of the American Library Association (ALA) gives thanks for the safety of the staff in our Public Policy and Advocacy Office in Washington and ALA members who work on Capitol Hill, as well as for elected legislators, congressional staff and other government workers who put themselves in jeopardy to defend the seat of our federal government on January 6, 2021.

Intellectual Freedom News

Intellectual Freedom News 1/5/2021

Be the Change: How to Support BIPOC Librarians and Writers of Color | “Although there is no one way to support emerging BIPOC librarians, we can all agree: It is transformative when you exercise the opportunity to do so. If you want to support social justice and intellectual freedom education, the “Be the Change” Book Bundle is for you. Revenues from the “Be the Change” eBook Bundle will go to ALA general fund initiatives, including the Spectrum Scholarship Program.”

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Intellectual Freedom News 12/11/2020

Should I Report Censorship? “By reporting censorship incidents, you can help to identify trends in censorship cases and document responses and solutions to censorship. All the data is processed to release the Top 10 Most Challenged Books on the Monday of National Library Week in April. While OIF knows that many challenges are never reported, we strive to be as comprehensive as possible. Then when a library worker or teacher needs support, we have an arsenal of tools, experts, training and legal knowledge.”

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Intellectual Freedom News 12/4/2020

OIF Seeks Information on 2020 Censorship Incidents.

Recently, the office has noticed a rise in attempts to censor books that address racism and police brutality. LGBTQIA+ books and programs also continue to be targeted with censorship.

“Reporting challenges not only provides essential data that allows OIF to identify and track censorship trends,” said OIF Director Deborah Caldwell-Stone, “it also helps OIF to improve support for the library workers and educators who are protecting users’ right to access diverse books, displays, and programming.”