To Zoom or Not to Zoom

Discover recent articles about schools banning Zoom, U.S. Senators being told to avoid Zoom, broader concerns about protecting student privacy during online learning, and tips for keeping your Zoom chats safe. The situation has continued to deteriorate, as hate-mongering Zoombombers increased their efforts and hacked Zoom accounts were sold on the dark web. 

Intellectual Freedom News Editors Kate Lechtenberg and April Dawkins

Making the Intellectual Freedom News: How Do Our News Editors Make Selections?

Each week, we work to compile the news and organize it so it can be easily skimmed by those of you who subscribe to the blog. Recently, we’ve been comparing notes about what we’ve learned as we gather the Intellectual Freedom News during our first year working for OIF and we thought you, as the readers, might be interested in learning more about the process and our reflections. Here’s a sample of our recent conversations…