Intellectual Freedom News

Intellectual Freedom News 12/27/19

ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom is seeking information on any bans, challenges, or access issues that libraries, schools, and universities faced in 2019. Deadline is Dec. 31. Any assistance with helping get the word out is greatly appreciated!

Find a sample email that can easily be customized and shared on e-lists; graphics; sample social media posts; and more info on the importance of reporting censorship on this webpage: All personal and institutional information submitted is kept confidential.

Oregon Battle of the Books sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries

Alex Gino’s George and the Oregon Battle of the Books

Recently, Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) released its reading list for the 2018-2019 school year. On this list is the award winning middle grade novel George by Alex Gino. The story centers around a young transgender child, George, who was born a boy but knows she is a girl. The book tackles the difficult, and too often undiscussed, situations and emotions a young transgender child might experience. Many parents in Oregon have taken issue with this selection, saying that the book is not appropriate for the grade level for which it was chosen.