Spotlight on a Banned Books Week Hero: students and teachers from Glen Ellyn, IL

Banned Books Week, Censorship

Throughout Banned Books Week, we will feature Banned Books Week Heroes–outstanding individuals who defended their freedom to read. Today’s featured Heroes are the students and teachers of Glen Ellyn, IL, who fought to keep Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower in their school district. Read about why they chose to defend this novel and what they think of book censorship in general.

From left: Cate Fanning, Nicole Clapp, Carly Basler, Olivia Mullenax, Caroline Makauskas, Maddie Howard and Libby Howard.

Student heroes

Carly Basler, Nicole Clapp, Maddie Giffin, Maddie Howard, Olivia Mullenax, and Corinne Payne

Teacher heroes

Lynn Bruno and Kelly Coleman

For more information on this censorship case, check out the August 2013 edition of the ILA Reporter, featuring a story from Acacia O’Connor, Coordinator of the Kids Right to Read Project, as well as an essay by Maddie Howard, Olivia Mullenax, and Nicole Clapp.  See also the video featuring Maddie Giffin and Maddie Howard calling for support from members of their community:

If you missed yesterday’s feature, Tony Diaz of Librotraficante, click here for his story. To see all the Banned Books Week Heroes, click here.

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