Sarah Dessen and Ellen Hopkins for the Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out

Banned Books Week

On the final day of Banned Books Week, we would like to feature videos of two banned/challenged authors: Sarah Dessen and Ellen Hopkins.

Sarah Dessen is no stranger to censorship. Several of her books have been targets of censors such as Keeping the Moon, Dreamland, Someone Like You, Lock & Key, and Just Listen. For more information on why her books were challenged, please send email to

Ellen Hopkin’s Crank is the fourth most frequently challenged book of 2010. Crank was challenged due to drugs, offensive language, racism, and for being sexually explicit.

We hope you enjoyed the celebrity videos for the Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out! We have thoroughly enjoyed the 400+ videos now featured on the Banned Books Week YouTube channel. Even though the week officially ends today, we hope you will continue to post videos to the Banned Books Week Channel on YouTube. Any day of the year is a good time to exercise your freedom to read banned books!

One thought on “Sarah Dessen and Ellen Hopkins for the Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out

  • I don’t think any of Ellen Hopkins’ books should be banned or challenged. Not because they don’t have anything harmful in them, but because they teach a lesson to anyone reading them. Especially to people who have been through something like what they portray. Even if her books have offensive language or sexual conduct or other things in them, that doesn’t mean it should be taken out of a library or school. People are going to eventually hear it or read it in their life. So why try to just post-pone it from happening? It’s not really going to change anything.

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