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Freedom to Read Foundation

I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who recently stood for election to the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) board.

The FTRF is an important ally for us. In times past, it has taken on some edgier legal issues that help define important rights. For instance, FTRF filed an amicus brief in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants, in 2011. This landmark decision of the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a California law that prevented minors from buying video games without parental supervision. Video games, it found, are a form of protected speech, and there are limits to parental authority.

FTRF also raises and distributes money to provide webinars (like our recent one that also happens to involve the rights of minors), to allow students to go to conferences, and to attend intellectual freedom classes. It provides money for libraries to host Banned Book Week events and programs.

Our returning board members (Em Claire Knowles, Kathy Ishizuka, Martin Garnar, Candace Morgan, and Herb Krug) will join our new members (Mario Gonzalez and Emily Knox), our existing members (Doug Archer, Charles Brownstein, Neil Richards, and Julia Warga), and our Ex Officio trustees (Julie Todaro, Jim Neal, Keith Fiels, and IFC’s Pam Klipsch) to constitute the new Freedom to Read Foundation board in Orlando, for ALA’s Annual Conference.

But I wanted to thank everyone else who ran, too. We’re lucky to find such experienced and passionate people to defend intellectual freedom. It’s easy to congratulate the winners, but not everyone wins. This time.  But your interest and willingness to serve are duly noted. Thanks.

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