Online Social Networking and Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual Freedom Issues

In his article DOPA Dies on the Vine, Andy Carvin notes

“For a time, it seemed that DOPA would inevitably reach the president’s desk. Surely the overwhelming support of the House would be reflected in the Senate, one might have surmised. But then, something quite unexpected happened: nothing. With all the criticism being lobbed by the blogosphere and the media, DOPA found itself among a group of skeptical senators who were in no rush to pass the legislation. After it passed the House, influential Senator Patrick Leahy expressed concerns with DOPA, and media reports suggested he would take a long, hard look at the bill, effectively slowing it down. Individual senators have greater power than House members to slow legislative processes, and critics like Leahy could choose to take advantage of this.”

See also ALA’s wiki on Interactive Web applications, OIF’s Online Social Networks, and Mary Minow’s Great insights on the death of DOPA.

On the link above, or on Online Social Networking and Intellectual Freedom, you will find a podcast, Online Social Networking and Intellectual Freedom. If you require assistance to listen to the podcast, please begin at the page Online Social Networking and Intellectual Freedom.

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