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The Trend Continues: Books with Civil Rights Themes Challenged in Schools

Texas Republican Representative Matt Krause is investigating books that “might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress.” The irony here, Philip Bump points out, is that all this fervor over books that create “discomfort” in teens and tweens comes on the heels of conservatives claiming censorship and “cancel culture” when Dr. Seuss Enterprises ceased publication of six books that portray racist imagery.

Intellectual Freedom News

Intellectual Freedom News 12/31/2021

“This is to say Lange’s claims that libraries exist to protect children from books he personally finds “sexually objectionable” is incorrect. Libraries exist to provide all people with the information they need or want in accordance with library collection development policies. It is as much a person’s right to access and view library resources as it is another’s right not to. No one has the authority to choose what another citizen of this country may read.” Janice Grover-Roosa in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Intellectual Freedom News

Intellectual Freedom News 12/27/2021

“The Vermont Library Association (VLA) stands firmly against any legislation that restricts or impedes any education on Racism, ‘Divisive’ Concepts, Racial Injustice, Black American History and Diversity Education in libraries and educational institutions,” reads the letter, sent out earlier this week. “This includes any books, resources, curriculum or programming that libraries provide. Furthermore, we believe that it is imperative to call attention to portions of our history that have been previously omitted, misrepresented, distorted or misstated.”

“Report Censorship”

Did You Experience A Challenge In 2021? Report to the OIF!

With the increase in book challenges happening in schools and libraries around the country in recent months, it is more important than ever that challenges and other instances of censorship be reported to the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF). If you or someone you know has experienced any challenges to library or school materials, online resources (including databases), programs, speakers, displays, reading lists, and author visits in 2021, the OIF encourages everyone to report any instance of censorship they encounter.