Support Freedom for Student Journalists

The critical work of journalists in a democratic society requires protecting freedom of expression. A free press cannot flourish where writers fear censorship or retaliation. How did you celebrate #StudentPressFreedom on Wednesday, January 30?

Defying “Unsettling Policies”: An Interview With Lindsey Whittington

When the superintendent of the Dixie County School District sought to censor the reading lists of students, Library Media Specialist Lindsey Whittington stood up for intellectual freedom and fought the ban.

Pentagon Threatens Censorship of Guantanamo Art

An exhibit of artwork by current and former Guantanamo Bay detainees was recently on display at John Jay College. Because of the unique circumstances of the artists and their artwork, this show caught the attention of the Pentagon, which issued—then retracted—a statement threatening the destruction of these pieces.

Carpenter v. United States: A Battle for Privacy Rights

As part of a 2011 robbery investigation, law enforcement obtained location data from Timothy Carpenter without a warrant. After his subsequent arrest, Carpenter appealed the decision as a breach of his Fourth Amendment rights, and the case has been heard by the Supreme Court. As technologies like cell phones collect increasing loads of data about us, and as that data paints a more detailed picture of our everyday lives, have privacy laws become outdated?