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Intellectual Freedom News 12/27/19

ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom is seeking information on any bans, challenges, or access issues that libraries, schools, and universities faced in 2019. Deadline is Dec. 31. Any assistance with helping get the word out is greatly appreciated!

Find a sample email that can easily be customized and shared on e-lists; graphics; sample social media posts; and more info on the importance of reporting censorship on this webpage: All personal and institutional information submitted is kept confidential.

Christmas lights wrapped around a stack of books

Bah Humbug: a List of Censored Christmas Stories

There will always be silly reasons for attempting to ban a book, but I would have thought that there wasn’t anything to challenge about holiday books. I mean, Santa, reindeer, twinkly lights, Hallmark movies, present exchanges, good will towards men? What is there to object? However, as it turns out, I was wrong; there are attempts to challenge books about the most wonderful time of the year.

Photo is of author Robin Stevenson signing books at The Bookstore, downtown Glen Ellyn. Julia Nephew took the photo.

Author Robin Stevenson Returns to Speak in Community Where She Was Uninvited for LGBTQ+ Content

By: guest contributor Julia A. Nephew. “To me this has been a reminder of how invisible LGBTQ people in history still are in many school curriculum,” author Robin Stevenson said of District 200 canceling her Oct. 2 talk. “And it does make me feel like it’s important that all kids are aware of the really significant contributions of LGBTQ people throughout history, and it’s important that LGBTQ kids and teens in particular see their own lives and identities reflected in the books they read.”