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Are you interested in censorship? Freedom to read? Privacy? Access to accurate information? Are you a good writer? Creative? Engaging? Do you know how to balance text with graphics and hyperlinks? Then we’re looking for YOU!

The Office for Intellectual Freedom is seeking original pieces from ALA members on a variety of topics that impact librarians and readers. Priority is given to TIMELY, CURRENT, RELEVANT news. Our goal is to inform in an engaging yet amusing way. Think “shareable.” Each post will be reviewed by OIF staff for accuracy and originality. We also encourage submissions by students. [If they are minors, we require a guardian’s permission to publish.] All blogs are shared on social media.

We like to be creative with the variety of post ideas. Description/analysis of current public book challenges, interviews, infographics, historical essays, book reviews, celebration weeks, international reach, anniversaries, programming ideas, tips, policies, frontline experiences, skill development, Q&As, technology, state chapters, community engagement, trends, and best practices.