Libraries Leadership and Scholarly Communication

Review of “Libraries, Leadership, and Scholarly Communication” and “Scholarly Communication: What Everyone Needs to Know”

ALA Editions published a book of essays in 2016 by Rick Anderson called Libraries, Leadership, and Scholarly Communication. The author also has a new book out called Scholarly Communication: What Everyone Needs to Know. I’ve worked with Rick Anderson for nearly a decade now and have read many of his scholarly communication-related articles. I wanted to take the chance to read other essays that I may have missed, especially those about libraries and leadership in general.

District of Columbia Circuit Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Where does Kavanaugh stand on privacy, net neutrality, 1st Amendment?

Like a good proportion of the country, I have been doing my best to catch bits and pieces of the Senate hearings regarding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to the US Supreme Court. When I sat down to write this blog I wondered, what impact might Kavanaugh’s confirmation have on intellectual freedom issues?


Intellectual Freedom: The Tyranny of the, Maybe, Majority

By: guest blogger Emily Schneider. The name change of the Wilder Award has occasioned a great deal of discussion. We can hope that most of this will ultimately prove productive. Certainly, respect for increased diversity in the representations of children’s experiences in their literature is essential and most participants in this debate embrace this idea. Let’s not forget all the implications for intellectual freedom, because without that value we can’t move forward.