Intellectual Freedom Awards

The First Joint Intellectual Freedom Awards

For the first time, the Intellectual Freedom Awards were presented in a joint awards ceremony. The awards given are: Robert P. Downs Award, the Eli M. Oboler Memorial Award, the Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award, the John Philip Immroth Award, and the Freedom to Read Foundation Honor Roll. Learn more about this past year’s intellectual freedom powerhouses here.

IFRT Reads The Future of Academic Freedom

“So That Teachers May Freely Teach and Students May Freely Learn”: Safeguarding the Future of Academic Freedom with Henry Reichman

Government interference in classroom curricula. Financial pressures and conflicts of interests. The death of tenure. Trigger warnings, cancel culture, censorship, and the chilling effect. With all the pressures threatening open inquiry and free expression on campus, you might wonder: “Does academic freedom have a future?” Join the IFRT Reads community to explore this question with Oboler Award-winning author and academic freedom scholar, Henry Reichman, and his 2019 book, The Future of Academic Freedom.


Intellectual Freedom: The Tyranny of the, Maybe, Majority

By: guest blogger Emily Schneider. The name change of the Wilder Award has occasioned a great deal of discussion. We can hope that most of this will ultimately prove productive. Certainly, respect for increased diversity in the representations of children’s experiences in their literature is essential and most participants in this debate embrace this idea. Let’s not forget all the implications for intellectual freedom, because without that value we can’t move forward.