Now you can donate to the Merritt Fund online!

LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund

In certain respects, there is nothing remarkable about the LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund. It’s a resource, by librarians, for librarians who face problems in their jobs due to discrimination or because they took a stance in defense of intellectual freedom. Founded in 1970, it has helped many librarians pay their bills in times of need.

What is remarkable, however, is that even today, a good number of ALA members and other library types are unfamiliar with this precious resource. Perhaps even more remarkable is how much good the Merritt Fund has been able to do with relatively little money.

If you haven’t done so, please take some time to learn more about the Merritt Fund, it’s 37-year history, the man after whom it was named, and how it has been a lifeline to librarians in need.

If you or someone you know has need for assistance from the Merritt Fund, please have them apply.

And if you would like to help build the Merritt Fund into a greater resource, to be able to provide more assistance to more librarians in need, please consider donating. Every $10, $25, $50, and $100 donation helps strengthen the Fund. By doing so, you will be supporting ALA’s goals of protecting intellectual freedom and promoting diversity in librarianship. (Although the Merritt Fund is not officially an ALA fund, ALA does provide logistical help in administering it.)

“How can I donate?” you ask. The Merritt Fund is proud to announce the ability to accept credit card donations online. Just filll out the secure donor form and use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. You can also donate by sending a check payable to LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund to 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611.

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