Intellectual Freedom News #ALAAC16

Intellectual Freedom News

Intellectual Freedom News

June 22, 2016

Office for Intellectual Freedom

  • OIF and Intellectual Freedom in Orlando – the full line up of socials, sessions, and meetings.
  • Banned Books Read Out @ #ALAAC16 – Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 5pm outside the exhibit hall. Intellectual Freedom News
  • Intellectual Freedom Round Table Awards Reception & Member Social – Saturday, 6/25/16 @ 7:00-9:00 pm at the Regency Hyatt Orlando in Room Bayhill 17. Food will be served, and a cash bar will be available. 
  • Take the Cake: A Generational Talkback – Monday, 6/27/16 @ 1:00-2:30 pm. For many years, intellectual freedom, a core value of librarianship and many colleagues in the publishing world, has looked to a near First Amendment absolutism. Today, a growing concern over the need for more diversity in publishing, a greater sensitivity to the abuses of power and privilege, has given rise to a stronger commitment in the field to social justice. Are these values in conflict? Is one value replacing another? In an era of trigger warnings, revenge porn, and an emerging global community of new voices, what does IF mean today? What are our responsibilities as one generation of publishers and librarians begins to give way to another?


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