Intellectual Freedom News 9/28/2018

Intellectual Freedom News

September 28, 2018 – Collated by OIF Staff and News Editors

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • Dear Banned Author | What would you say to your favorite banned and challenged author? This Banned Books Week (September 23-29), we’re hosting a Dear Banned Author letter-writing campaign, and we hope you’ll join us! Visit the website to find author addresses, programming tools and printable postcards.
  • Dear Banned Author: A collection of 29 powerful letters | OIF Blog


Banned Books Week


See this week’s additional privacy news and updates on the Choose Privacy Everyday blog.

Net Neutrality and Broadband Access



Free Press, Social Media, and Fake News

Academic Freedom & Campus Speech

First Amendment and Free Speech

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International Issues

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One thought on “Intellectual Freedom News 9/28/2018

  • In reflection of banned books week, I would like to raise concerns about the dangers of censorship in our modern world. As all things evolve, so do our concepts. Today, books are still banned for covering topics of sex, LGBT+ rights, transgender rights, and violence. But another type of censorship is prevalent and rooted in our daily lives; every day, our social media pages, even our search results, are censored and weighed in our to maximize our time spent on a website and appeal to our preferences. These created “echo chambers” are essentially censorship of ideals outside of our own, and because of the lack of exposure to opposing ideals, our society becomes increasingly warped one way or another. Therefore, I believe it is in our best interest, in order to preserve the integrity of information, to create online spaces that share unbiased representation of different viewpoints. A wonderful example is the Points of View Reference Center. If there are any other useful tools promoting this activity, please share them.

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