Intellectual Freedom News 7/3/2020

Intellectual Freedom News


  • ALA Virtual-Community Through Connection brings library community together; The American Library Association’s first-ever virtual conference attracted 7,349 attendees and 651 exhibitors. If you didn’t get a chance to experience the entire event, ALA Virtual content will remain readily accessible at any time for a full year. Attendees can view sessions again, view those missed during the live event, or use content for training or research purposes.
  • ALA Executive Director Tracie D. Hall says dismantling racism in library and information services is overdue; During the inaugural ALA Virtual Event this week, American Library Association (ALA) Executive Director Tracie D. Hall issued a strong challenge for our nation’s librarians, library professionals and library supporters, calling for support of a workforce that reflects a diverse client base, universal digital access, and a deeper financial commitment to libraries. “Let our legacy be justice.”
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