Intellectual Freedom News 3/12/2021

Intellectual Freedom News


  • ALA Executive Board Supports APALA in Recognizing and Condemning Ongoing anti-Asian Hate Crimes | American Libraries; “It is also incumbent upon us as library and information workers to combat cultural bias and bigotry by promoting diversity in our collections, programming, policies, and hiring practices, ensuring that our diverse communities see themselves represented on our library shelves, in our offerings, and among our ranks. The Executive Board calls on ALA members, library institutions, and library users to join them in publicly condemning anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander racism.”


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One thought on “Intellectual Freedom News 3/12/2021

  • In your 3/12/21 newsletter, which I always look forward to receiving, I read the article ‘Iowa Senate passes bill prohibiting ‘diverse concepts’ training at public schools’ from KCCI-TV (IA). I also read the bill referenced. After reading the bill I asked KCCI to correct the article, and they did. It effects the headline as well. The bill never uses the term “diverse concepts”. Instead it uses the term “divisive concepts” . The bill also states that nothing in it should be construed to prohibit organizations from promoting diversity and inclusion as well as respect for all their members. Unfortunately it looks like they retracted more of their reporting as well, but I didn’t save the full article in its original. The bill is worth reading in its entirety. Its a bit of a mixed bag, and, in my opinion, self contradictory at times. However, it re-affirms full First Amendment protections to all Iowa educators, including protection of their employment, for any opinions they may express. Its worth a read, and perhaps a more detailed article on the bill. I’d ask that you change the link on this site to reflect the new headline. The old headline gave a misleading impression about the bill. Thanks.

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