Intellectual Freedom News 2/6/17

Intellectual Freedom News

February 6, 2017 – Collated by OIF Staff and News Interns

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • A Unified Voice: Confronting an Assault on Information | Library Journal; This is not a partisan issue; it is about information access and defending a culture that celebrates and benefits from the robust discourse possible only when information and ideas can be shared openly. That seems so obvious that the need to state it is disturbing to me. Our work to protect freedom of inquiry and expression is never done, but it is more critical than ever in this heated and rapidly evolving environment.
  • Mangaman: The power and weakness of policy | Intellectual Freedom Blog; The issue here is that resolve the concern allows for removal of materials without a formal request being filed. Other materials covered under Section 5 of the policy all have to go through a formal re-evaluation process before they can be removed. Library materials may not have to do so. The phrase resolve the concern is too vague, leaving it open to arbitrary decisions by school administrators who are under pressure not to upset the complainant, rock the boat, or generate negative publicity.


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