Intellectual Freedom News 2/17/17

Intellectual Freedom News

February 17, 2017 – Collated by OIF Staff and News Interns

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • Two ALA committees that worked for you and your students at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting | Knowledge Quest; “The actions of [The ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee and the IFC Privacy Subcommittee] affect school librarians and their students’ right to freely access information, read books of their choice, and be assured of privacy when using their school libraries.”
  • Trigger Warnings and Emotional Distress | School Library Journal; “Supporters say that advance warning about certain types of content serve to protect students from trauma they may experience while absorbing passages involving violence, sexual situations, or other content. Opponents claim that a warning amounts to the same thing as labeling a book, leading down a slippery slope to censorship. Such warnings, they say, fail to take into account the whole book, including its literary quality and approach to a topic.”
  • College is too late to teach free speech | Chronicle of Higher Education  “Not only do public schools fail to teach the principles underlying free expression and dissent, but they also often censor and punish controversial constitutionally protected speech of all sorts. Whether inadvertently or by design, they teach that students should be insulated from upsetting ideas, intellectual conflict, and wounding words and images.

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