Intellectual Freedom News 12/9/16

Intellectual Freedom News

December 9, 2016

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • Intellectual Freedom NewsLibraries become unexpected sites of hate crimes | The New York Times; “Because of a “sudden increase” in such crimes — three in a couple of weeks after one in a year — the association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom is starting to formally track them, the office’s director, James LaRue, said in an email. He said it was difficult to know whether the uptick was “a blip or a trend.”
  • Student Press Under Pressure | Inside Higher Ed; “Student news organizations face threats of censorship and intimidation from university administrators, sometimes in the form of budget cuts in the wake of unflattering articles and sometimes with the firings of faculty advisers who encourage aggressive student journalism. These are the findings of a report released today called “Threats to the Independence of Student Media.”
  • ALA joins new network advocating for technology rights and opportunity | ALA District Dispatch; “The ALA joined 16 other organizations in signing onto “Technology Rights and Opportunity” principles advocating for policies that ensure freedom of speech and equality of opportunity for all, while expanding the ability of the internet to drive economic opportunity and education.



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