Intellectual Freedom News 1/13/17

Intellectual Freedom News

January 13, 2017 – Collated by OIF Staff and News Interns

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • Louder Together | PEN America; “PEN America hosts the flagship New York City event of a national rallying effort under the banner of WRITERS RESIST. This literary protest will bring together hundreds of writers and their fellow New Yorkers on the steps of the New York Public Library in a collective stand to defend free expression, reject hatred, and uphold truth in the face of lies and misinformation.”
  • Student rights: Not to be forgotten | OIF Blog; “At a Des Moines Public Schools School Board meeting last month, board members wore black armbands to honor the legacy of students’ right to free expression, including the right to peaceful political protest.”
  • Resolved: Become an Intellectual Freedom champion in 2017 | OIF Blog; “Alongside your personal resolutions for 2017, consider making several professional goals related to intellectual freedom.”




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Office for Intellectual Freedom News

  • OIF and Intellectual Freedom in Atlanta | OIF Blog; “ALA’s 2017 Midwinter Meeting is in Atlanta, GA, and the Office for Intellectual Freedom will be there staffing the different committee meetings and programs. Committee meetings and programs are open to any attendee, and are often a good way to learn about the business of ALA and its intellectual freedom initiatives.”

ALA News

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