Intellectual Freedom News 11/28/16

Intellectual Freedom News

November 28, 2016

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • Intellectual Freedom NewsVirginia Library Association Concerns About Proposed Amendment to 8VAC-131-270; “The Virginia Library Association, representing more than 1,000 members from academic, public, special and school libraries across the Commonwealth, is a leading advocate for intellectual freedom, including the freedom to read as a basic tenet. We write to express our reservations about a proposed amendment to 8VAC-131-270, which will require public schools to “include a notice to parents identifying any sexually explicit materials that may be included in the course, the textbook, or any supplemental instructional materials.” We believe the proposed requirement is nearly identical to the requirements contained in HB 516, which was vetoed by Governor Terry McAuliffe in the spring. Aside from the First Amendment concerns this proposed amendment raises, we also believe it threatens the quality of education for students across the Commonwealth. We strongly encourage the Department to reject the adoption of this proposed regulation.”
  • A deep conversation about binary thinking | Reading While White (blog); “I like having conversations that dig deep into ways in which books are problematic and ways in which they are empowering. I learn so much from these conversations. And when I read criticism or critique of something I love (even something I love as much as Hamilton!)–it actually doesn’t ruin it for me. It makes me grateful that I have the chance to learn something new.”
  • Get Ready to Fight for What Matters | Insider Higher Ed; “This is not the time for appeasement. If we truly believe in our values, if they’re more than feel-good slogans, we must commit ourselves to fighting for them.”




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