Intellectual Freedom News 11/17/17

Intellectual Freedom News

November 17, 2017 – Collated by OIF Staff and News Interns

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • What Veterans Day should mean to a library | Intellectual Freedom Blog; “As a veteran and a librarian, I got to thinking about what Veterans Day should mean to a library, and the truth is that it should mean a whole lot.”
  • YouGov poll shows who’s willing to ban what | Intellectual Freedom Blog; “The reasons people challenge books, in schools and in libraries, are numerous. Regardless, a surprising number of Americans, when faced with the right reason, are actually pro-book banning. This is reflected in a recent poll, which asked what kinds of content in books should be banned and in what settings.”
  • Florida county bans…almost everything | Intellectual Freedom Blog; “A county in Florida is now doing away with the more personal approach to book banning that we’ve come to expect. Instead of artisanally crafting each book challenge from scratch, Dixie County Superintendent Mike Thomas has issued a ban on materials with ‘profanity, cursing or inappropriate subject matter.'”
  • Responding to database challenges | Intellectual Freedom Blog; “EBSCO is an online database company whose products are in thousands of schools, colleges and universities’ around the world. In September of 2016, the products they developed for the K-12 market came under attack in Colorado and Alabama. The challenges were made concerning the inclusion of sexual content deemed inappropriate for school-age children.”




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