Intellectual Freedom News 10/19/18

Intellectual Freedom News

October 19, 2018 – Collated by OIF Staff and News Editors

Intellectual Freedom Highlights

  • Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression | Washington Post; “The Arab world needs a modern version of the old transnational media so citizens can be informed about global events. More important, we need to provide a platform for Arab voices. We suffer from poverty, mismanagement and poor education. Through the creation of an independent international forum, isolated from the influence of nationalist governments spreading hate through propaganda, ordinary people in the Arab world would be able to address the structural problems their societies face.”
  • Appeasement doesn’t work | OIF Blog; “I asked the director, “Do you feel that you won over the folks who called you? Are they now library supporters?” The answer was no. In fact, they watched the library far more closely. They were now convinced of two things. First, the director could not be trusted. Clearly, she didn’t know her job. Second, but the good news was, she could be bullied into doing the right thing. But appeasement affected at least two other constituents, too.”
  • Anyone can sue: Legal intimidation as a censorship tool | OIF Blog; “Of course, none of this means that the facts alleged in the complaint are true, or that the legal claims are valid. But given the costs of defending a lawsuit, and many organizations’ allergy to controversy, filing a legal complaint can function as an effective tool to intimidate and silence the target of the lawsuit, even if the lawsuit is baseless.The lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Society on behalf of the group “Pornography is Not Education” appears to fall into this category of legal bullying.”



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