Infographic: Intellectual Freedom and School Libraries

General Interest

by Naomi Bates

School libraries today aren’t just places for study.  They have evolved into a place of creativity, expression, and curiosity.  Intellectual freedom is part of a library landscape and here are ways school libraries can ensure students and staff are have the freedom to be creative, expressive and curious.

Making sure aspects of intellectual freedom are embedded into the library is simple.  You can do this through your collection, technology, the physical library, and of course, yourself.  Click on the link below to find ways to build an open environment based on intellectual freedom for each topic.

Naomi Bates is a teacher librarian at Northwest High School in Justin Texas.  She has worked with students K-12 in both small and large school districts in Texas.  Currently, she is serving as a school library representative-at-large for the Texas Library Association.  She can be reached via Twitter @yabooksandmore or email at


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