IFRT Preconference in Anaheim: Who Do I Trust to Protect My Privacy?

Intellectual Freedom Round Table, Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference, Privacy

Who Do I Trust to Protect My Privacy?: Privacy Conversation Deliberative Forum and Moderator Training

Sponsored by ALA Intellectual Freedom Round Table and the ALA Center for Civic Life

A Hands-On Preconference

Thursday, June 21, 2012, 1:30 — 5:30

Anaheim Convention Center, Room 303C

ALA Annual Conference attendees are invited to join us for this preconference on how to bring discussions around privacy to your library!  The conversation will be structured with an Issue Map.  Following the dialogue, participants will learn how to convene and moderate a deliberative dialogue so they can host their own local forums that explore privacy values and concerns.

Download forum materials including the Issue Map here.

The cost is $25.  To register, sign onto ALA Conference Registration; click on Preconferences and Events, and scroll down to IFRT.

For More Information, contact: Carolyn Caywood cacaywood@cox.net; Nancy Kranich nancy.kranich@rutgers.edu; Nanette Perez nperez@ala.org

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