IFAction Round-Up, February 4—10, 2013

Censorship, General Interest, Intellectual Freedom Issues, Privacy

The Office for Intellectual Freedom sponsors IFAction, an email list for those who would like updated information on news affecting intellectual freedom, censorship, privacy, access to information, and more. Click here to subscribe to this list. For an archive of all list postings since 1996, visit the IF Action archive. Below is a sample of articles from February 4—10, 2013.


Privacy and Cybersecurity

Tech Tips: Is your cellphone safe from ‘Smishing?’

Lawmakers renew push to bar bosses from asking for Facebook passwords


Censorship and Free Speech

Prosser teacher wants two books removed [Washington]
Update 1: Prosser book committee gives OK to argued novel ‘A Child Called It’
Update 2: Prosser School District committee votes to keep [‘The Popularity Papers’] in library

Students Have Free Speech and Due Process Rights Too [Valdosta State]

Fairfax County parent wants ‘Beloved’ banned from school system [Virginia]

Mt. Lebanon library says partially nude woman in photo exhibit breaks rule [Pittsburgh]

Public prayer amendment shelved for the year [Virginia]


Access to Information

Copyright Insanity: School Policy Requires Students Hand Over Copyright On All Work [Prince George County, MD]

Prison and Libraries: Public Service Inside and Out

No, free Wi-Fi isn’t coming to every US city

Watch Pirate Bay Documentary TPB AFK Here (Or on Pirate Bay, Naturally)

The medical Internet of things and the future of health care



Three states push to require teaching climate change denial [OK, CO, and AZ]

U.S. Postal Service to End Saturday Mail Delivery

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