IFAction News Roundup, August 31 — September 6, 2014


The Office for Intellectual Freedom sponsors IFAction, an email list for those who would like updated information on news affecting intellectual freedom, censorship, privacy, access to information, and more. Click here to subscribe to this list. For an archive of all list postings since 1996, visit the IF Action archive. Below is a sample of articles from August 31 — September 6, 2014.


Filtering, Censorship, Whistle blowing, Free Press, and Free Speech Articles  

Incarcerated For Writing Science Fiction [Dorchester County, MD]

Is it time to end media blackouts?

The Long Tail of the Arab Digital Spring

Texas Religious Leaders Try To Get Public Libraries To Ban Vampire Books For Them

Should Libraries Stock Anti-Gay Books?


Access, the Digital Divide, Net Neutrality, and Intellectual Property Protection Articles 

How McDonald’s and Corporate America are Bringing Internet Access to Rural America

With wireless competition heating up, time to thank the FCC

Librarians Are A Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can’t Afford [Audio]

Broadband and the future of learning

Big tech companies plan “Internet Slowdown” to fight for net neutrality


Privacy, Surveillance, Hacking, and Cybersecurity Articles    

Teens Are Waging a Privacy War on the Internet – Why Marketers Should Listen

Celebrity hacks: How to protect yourself in the cloud

Mysterious Phony Cell Towers Could Be Intercepting Your Calls

First US appeals court hears argument to shut down NSA database

Appeals Court Will Reconsider Ruling on Cellphone Tracking


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