IF News and Commentary Roundup, March 14-20

Censorship, General Interest, Intellectual Freedom Issues, Privacy

Privacy dominates this week’s IF news roundup, with updates on government secrecy, Texas textbooks, and internet censorship:

Break the Law and Your New ‘Friend’ May Be the FBI
New York Times

How Privacy Vanishes Online
New York Times

My Bank Thinks My Blog Sucks
Commentary / Tweetage Wasteland

Is Internet privacy dead? No, just more complicated: researchers
Washington Post

Privacy is Not Dead, Just Evolving
PC World

Schneier: Fight for privacy or kiss it good-bye
Network World

Google Buzz Exemplifies Privacy Problems, FTC Commissioner Says
Wall Street Journal

FTC Member Rips into Google’s Privacy Efforts
PC World

Self-service hold systems and patron privacy
Infinite Monkeys

Secrecy Around Trade Agreement Causes Stir
National Public Radio

Privacy vs. public right to know
First Amendment Center

Historians speak out against proposed Texas textbook changes
Washington Post

Web 2.0 versus Control 2.0
Reporters Without Borders

Internet filtering as a form of soft censorship