IF Action Round Up September 17-23, 2012

Censorship, Privacy, Technology

OIF sponsors IFAction, an email list for those who would like updated information on news affecting intellectual freedom, censorship, privacy, access to information, and more. To subscribe to this list, visit http://lists.ala.org/wws/subscribe/ifactionFor an archive of all list postings since 1996, visit http://lists.ala.org/wws/arc/ifaction. Below is a sample of articles from September 17—23, 2012.



Facebook Can ID Faces, but Using Them Grows Tricky 

Every tweet ever written is now available to search and analyze, thanks to Gnip

The Sheep Stop Here: Another Church Committee or Full Review of Privacy Laws Needed?

E-Mail Privacy Reform Vote Postponed Until After Elections

Facebook tightens privacy to satisfy Irish regulator

How changes to a kids’ privacy law could chill innovation for everyone

Court to rule on Calif. DNA collection from arrestees; case among hottest privacy issues



Conejo Valley residents rally against book ban in Arizona

Underground library stands up for books (WI)

Anyone Who Says Copyright Cannot Be Used For Censorship Has No Credibility

Parents question ‘pornographic’ material on East Penn reading list

Parents protest R-rated movies in Hinsdale South class



USPTO blocks web access to “Political/Activist Groups” including KEI, ACLU, EFF, Public Citizen, Redstate, DailyKos

Naperville libraries among the last to remove content filters

Opinion: Declaration of Internet Freedom



Teachers Fight Online Slams

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