IF Action Round Up, November 12-18, 2012

Censorship, Privacy

OIF sponsors IFAction, an email list for those who would like updated information on news affecting intellectual freedom, censorship, privacy, access to information, and more. To subscribe to this list, visit  http://lists.ala.org/wws/subscribe/ifaction. For an archive of all list postings since 1996, visit http://lists.ala.org/wws/arc/ifaction. Below is a sample of articles from November 12-18, 2012.


Free Speech

The trouble with Virginia’s plates



You Can’t Say That on the Internet

‘And Then Came Tango,’ Gay Penguin Play, Canceled By Texas School District

Davis School District sued over flap about lesbian mothers book


Internet Freedom

Internet freedom remains US priority at UN conference

Game over for Lieberman cybersecurity bill – DeMint seeks to curb FTC’s antitrust authority — SAFE WEB reauthorization cleared

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More Companies Are Tracking Online Data, Study Finds

Data privacy: Not a priority for marketers?

Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t

Related: As CIA Chief Scandal Looms, Lawmakers Consider Tightening E-Mail Privacy

Related: FBI’s abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation

Related: Online Privacy Issue Is Also in Play in Petraeus Scandal

Related: US gets more Google user data than all other countries combined

Related: 5 Gmail lessons from David Petraeus affair

Governments Worldwide Asking Google to Hand Over More Data

U.S. FTC chief: Kids’ Internet privacy rules done by year’s end

More Companies Are Tracking Online Data, Study Finds

Maker of Airport Body Scanners Suspected of Falsifying Software Tests

Privacy to porno: What censorship means around the world [map]

Eavesdropping Statutes, and More from CRS



Academy Report on Electric Grid Withheld for Five Years

Verizon called hypocritical for equating net neutrality to censorship

Related: Google, Facebook, Netflix defend net neutrality rules in court

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