IF Action Round Up May 11-17, 2012

Computers, General Interest, Intellectual Freedom Issues, Privacy

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Euclid downplays privacy concerns about Wi-Fi tracking

FBI eyes Internet wiretaps

DoD Establishes Civil Liberties Program

Cops, ACLU clash over GOP bill that would limit cell phone tracking

Bits: Twitter Implements Do Not Track Privacy Option

Facebook IPO doesn’t mean the end of privacy

Ruling aims at restoring balance in dealing with terror

FTC shifts its approach to protecting online privacy



Locals offer opinions on ‘Fifty Shades’ during Brevard libraries meeting

According to iTunes, “jailbreak” is a four-letter word

Parent Traps: Don’t monitor your kids’ Web surfing.

The Rise of Europe’s Private Internet Police

Changes expected after outcry over book selection

On Censorship by Salman Rushdie, The New Yorker

Broken Arrow school board votes to keep acclaimed but assailed book



Issa Asks USTR For More Details of Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

USD 501 students upset about Internet filter



Court blocks Illinois law used to charge those who video police officers



  • My vote would be one not yet on this list: while the House continues its obfuscation of due process and habeas corpus in debating the 2013 national defense authorization act, last week a federal 2nd circuit judge ruled against and issued an injunction against implementing the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA, on 1st and 5th amendment grounds. An ever increasing militarization in official responses to dissent and our exercising of rights of speech and association is of great concern to this librarian! So I’m delighted at a rare bit of good news from the courts … NYT coverage: http://goo.gl/WWUIe and NYT editorial: http://goo.gl/z5HRz.

  • I’d have to say “DoD Establishes Civil Liberties Program” left me speechless. Seriously Steven…you didn’t even make a comment. A façade if I’ve ever seen one.

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