IF Action Round Up August 27-September 16, 2012

Censorship, Privacy

OIF sponsors IFAction, an email list for those who would like updated information on news affecting intellectual freedom, censorship, privacy, access to information, and more. To subscribe to this list, visit http://lists.ala.org/wws/subscribe/ifactionFor an archive of all list postings since 1996, visit http://lists.ala.org/wws/arc/ifaction. Below is a sample of articles from August 27—September 16, 2012.


Software Meant to Fight Crime Is Used to Spy on Dissidents 

Privacy worries surround UN Internet regulations

Warrantless Wiretap Victims Ask Court to Reconsider Letting Feds Spy Illegally

EFF Lawsuit Seeks Details of NSA Email, Phone Surveillance

Lawsuit challenges Mo. law on cellphone tracking

You Can Write, But You Can’t Hide: Big Data Knows Your Writing Quirks

Windows 8 privacy complaint misses the forest for the trees

Tracking School Children With RFID Tags? It’s All About the Benjamins

Sniffing open WiFi networks is not wiretapping, judge says

ACLU Sues Police for Seizing Man’s Phone After Recording Alleged Misconduct

Why Your Cellphone Could Be Called A ‘Tracker’

What Will Happen If the Feds Get Warrantless Access to Phone Location Data

TSA Moves On From Your Underwear to Your Starbucks

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attacks government’s ‘snooper’s charter’

Apple denies giving device IDs to FBI

Mobile users avoid, uninstall apps over privacy concerns: Pew Report

Related: Smartphone apps track users even when shut down

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Privacy?  

Police seizure of text messages violated 4th Amendment, judge rules

Big Data: Which Websites Respect Your Privacy Rights the Least?

Twitter Ordered to Release OWS Protester’s Data or Be Fined for Contempt

Related: Twitter Reluctantly Coughs Up Occupy Protester’s Data

Indecent Exposure [review of the book] ‘Privacy,’ by Garret Keizer

FTC finalizes Myspace privacy settlement

Privacy hawks fret as FBI upgrades biometrics capacities

Cops might finally need a warrant to read your Gmail

The Internet Is the New Town Hall and Soon Cities Will Be Listening

US Judge rules school violated First Amendment by demanding Facebook password from 12-year-old girl

House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

When the Privacy Button Is Already Pressed 

Big Data in Your Blood



Library system continues filtering discussion (Timberland, WA)

Obama to ‘fight hard’ for Internet freedom

GOP Platform Calls For ‘Internet Freedom,’ Opposes Net Neutrality

Promoting Global Internet Freedom: Policy and Technology 

Dems Part Company With Republicans on Net Neutrality, Online Privacy

Nashua Library lifts age restriction on borrowing R-rated movies


Speech & Censorship

Hardin Valley Academy parent wants “Robopocalypse” taken off reading list

‘Fake Science 101’ Banned From Texas School District Because It Would ‘Reflect Poorly On The District’

Republican Party Platform Advocates More TV Obscenity Prosecutions

Rightwing Evangelical Gets Play Banned in Wisconsin State Park

Twitter’s Free Speech Defender 

GOP, hands off my porn!

Walker’s New Capitol Police Chief Cracks Down on the First Amendment

Group Against Overland Park Statue Believes It Promotes Sexting

Graphic Novel Removed from Connecticut School District’s Summer Reading List

Utah school district revises drama policy after backlash

Fifty Shades of Grey Book Burnings Stoke Controversy

Stolz Moves to Ban ‘Porn’ From Emmaus Summer Reading

Humanist couple win right to challenge Canadian schools’ atheist book ban

Should Google be censoring videos just because they are linked to violence?

On Web, a Fine Line on Free Speech Across the Globe 


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