IF 101 – The Vodcast

Intellectual Freedom Issues

View the video of Intellectual Freedom 101, a panel presented at ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim as part of ALA’s “Conference 101” series of programs. The session features short talks about the history and ongoing work of OIF, IFC, IFRT, FTRF, the Merritt Fund, and other IF initiatives. Speakers include Kenton Oliver, chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee, Doug Archer, chair of the Intellectual Freedom Round Table, Judith Platt, president of the Freedom to Read Foundation, Lucille Thomas , Senior Trustee of the Leroy C. Merritt Fund, Candace Morgan, chair of the Committee on Professional Ethics, and Martin Garnar, Merritt Fund trustee, long-time IF activist, and president of the Colorado Association of Libraries. Office for Intellectual Freedom staffers Jonathan Kelley and Deborah Caldwell-Stone contribute to the discussion.

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