FTRF Krug Fund Banned Books Week event grant applications now open

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Applications for Banned Books Week 2014 event grants via the Freedom to Read Foundation’s Judith F. Krug Memorial Fund are now open.  Applications will be accepted through April 30.Click here to apply:  Here are the application guidelines:

Krug Fund Banned Books Week event grant application guidelines

1. Event outline should be a total of no more than 4 pages, whether the application is for a $1000 grant only or for either a $1000 or $2500 grant. The outline should include the following:

a. A detailed timeline incorporating both planning stages and the event itself.

b. Plans for documenting the event(s), including tracking attendance or other metrics, and capturing photos and recording video of the event(s).

c. A detailed budget including other sources of funding.

2. Only not-for-profit organizations may apply. They need not have official 501(c)3 status.

3. Beginning in 2013, organizations can be awarded only two grants, in non-consecutive years, within a six-year period. (Thus, organizations that received grants in 2013 are ineligible to apply in 2014.)

4. Krug Fund grants cannot be used to buy computer hardware.

5. Applications can be single projects or they can encompass multiple activities. Similarly, projects can take place in one day or an entire week (or longer).

6. The Freedom to Read Foundation reserves the right to give grants of amounts other than $1000 or $2500.

7. Applications will be judged, in part, on the following criteria:

a. Originality/creativity

b. Project’s appeal to a broad/diverse audience

c. Clear plans for promoting the project, including to local media

d. Integration of social media

e. Collaboration with other organizations

f. Is the application specific about how a Krug Fund grant would be spent?

g. Is the project duplicable for other organizations in the future?

h. To what extent will the funded project promote the ideals and mission of the Freedom to Read Foundation and of Banned Books Week? How will it raise awareness of intellectual freedom and censorship issues?

For more information about Banned Books Week, visit To see reports from past years’ recipients, click here.

Learn more about the Judith F. Krug Memorial Fund.

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