Freedom to Read Foundation 2009 Election Results

Freedom to Read Foundation

Six trustees were elected to two-year terms in the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) 2009 Board of Trustees election, held in April. The terms for the following trustees begin in June: Bernadine Abbott Hoduski, Jonathan Bloom, Robert P. Doyle, Susan Hildreth, Christine Jenkins and Candace Morgan. Abbott Hoduski and Doyle were elected to their second consecutive terms; Bloom and Morgan were re-elected after a mandatory period off the board; and Hildreth and Jenkins are newly elected. Also joining the 2009-2010 board will be incoming ALA President Elect Roberta Stevens and incoming ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee Chair Martin Garnar, both of whom will serve on the board in ex-officio capacities.

These trustees will join Carrie Gardner, Barbara Jones, Burton Joseph, Pamela Klipsch, and Kent Oliver, who are elected board members, as well as incoming ALA President Camila Alire and Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels, who are ex-officio board members. Deborah Caldwell-Stone is the acting secretary of the board and acting executive director of the Foundation.

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