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School Censorship

“To Kill a Mockingbird” play controversy: School Provokes Concern Over Its Fall Play

Florida High School Cancels Production of To Kill a Mockingbird

Students Learn About Censorship

Mockingbird Appeals Committee’s Challenge: Loyalty to “Protocol” vs. Free Expression

Banned Books
Salem, Mass., Students Pull an All-Nighter with Banned Books

Parent: Homework Assignment Crosses the Line

Plano ISD Scraps Plans to Ban Humanities Textbook Containing Ancient Nude Statues

In Jordan, a Bookstore Devoted to Forbidden Titles

Brave New World challenge in Seattle

Free Speech

The Future of Free Speech – The Chronicle Review

National Portrait Gallery removes video after pressure


Choose Privacy Week 2011 dates announced: May 1-7

ACLU, EPIC seek travelers’ stories about TSA screenings

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