First Amendment Rodeo 9/13-10/4, 2011

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A round-up of intellectual freedom issues in the news

Banned Books Week

Getting Banned: Writers on the World’s Oldest Solution

For Banned Books week, two reasons to ban ‘Brave New World’

Tammerlin Drummond: Banned books week promotes free speech

Banned Books, Steinbeck, and the American Community

Author of Banned Republic Book [Sarah Ockler] Speaks Out

Controversial author [Chris Crutcher] gives speech in honor of Banned Book Week

Toni Morrison, Sherman Alexie Among Authors on Banned Book Lists

Local students shine spotlight on banned books

I Read My 5-Year-Old Banned Books & You Should, Too

Why My Book Being Banned Is A Privilege

Florida public library holds mock debate on banning books

‘Censored’ author [Lauren Myracle] visits Stark library to kick off Banned Books Week

Gadsden Public Library director ‘arrested’ as Banned Books Week activities begin

Sex, Profanity and Witchcraft: It’s Banned Book Week at the Library

Ten Books About Censorship For Kids & Teens

Page Turners: Charge up your video cameras for Banned Books Week

D’ARCONTE: No Huxley? No Hunger? Hello, nuts

Mentor Public Library Holding Sweet Contest to Commemorate Banned Book Week

Fanny Says: Book Bans Have No Place in a Democracy

Censorship/Book Banning

Congo campaigner asks Belgium to ban Tintin book

“Montana 1948” will stay in Merrill High School’s library
See also: Montana 1948 Targeted for Removal from Schools

Book Banned from Borger’s Intermediate and Middle School Library

Resurgent Russian church calls for Nabokov book ban

Some oppose teaching ‘In Cold Blood’ at Glendale High School

Prison Books Ban: The Censorship Scandal Inside America’s Jails

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Calls Repeal of Missouri Book Ban a Sham

After It Was Banned, Place of Honor for Twain Tale

Gossip Girls’ books banned from Picayune schools
See also: TAVARES – County Commissioner Jimmy Conner wants racy Gossip Girl books booted from the teen section of Lake’s public libraries

This Year’s Banned Books of Texas
See also: Texas ACLU Releases 2010-2011 Book Ban List
and Press Release: ACLU Of Texas Issues 15th Annual Banned Books Report Finds Young Adult (YA) Literature Is Main Target For Challenges And Banning In Texas Public Schools


Lawsuit Seeks the Removal of a Digital Book Collection
See also:  Authors Guild, Australian Society of Authors, Quebec Writers Union Sue Five U.S. Universities


Privacy groups ask FTC to investigate Facebook for tracking, misleading consumers

Amazon, Facebook and the evolution of privacy

Which Telecoms Store Your Data the Longest? Secret Memo Tells All
See also: DOJ Document: Retention Periods of Major Cellular Service Providers

Libraries: Be careful what your web sites “Like”

As ‘Like’ Buttons Spread, So Do Facebook’s Tentacles

Facebook fixes cookie behavior after logging out

OnStar Tracks Your Car Even When You Cancel Service

FTC’s Proposed Changes to Web Privacy Rules Give Parents More Control
See also: FTC Seeks Comment on Proposed Revisions to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

Op-ed: Protect Our Right to Anonymity

Patriot Act

Wyden ties Section 215 to “secret law,” taking swing at Justice Dept. transparency

Public Said to Be Misled on Use of the Patriot Act

Free Speech/Technology

Mo. Lawmakers Reject Teacher Facebook Restrictions

Mexico Turns to Social Media for Information and Survival

Fear of Repression Spurs Scholars and Activists to Build Alternate Internets

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