First Amendment Rodeo 7/25-8/8, 2011

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A round-up of intellectual freedom issues in the news

House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill

ACLU Probing Government Use of Cell Phone Location Data

Web tracking has become a privacy time bomb

Will Missouri ‘Facebook Law’ spook teachers away from social media?

Patriot Act
Senate Intel Committee Blocks Report on “Secret Law”

Free Speech
Use of Worcester Public Library meeting rooms studied as library reacts to violent incident

Freedom of Expression
Homeless patrons prompt Bethlehem Area Public Library’s behavior policy
See also:
Lehigh Valley, northwest New Jersey libraries enforce behavior policies

Two books pulled from Republic school library shelves
See also:
Policy on movies next for Republic schools

Suburban Springfield-area school board bowed to book banners after yearlong fight

Vonnegut library offers banned book to Missouri students


  • I searched on your blog to see if you have mentioned the April book burning in Colorado City, Arizona ( and could find no mention. Please keep the story in the news! We can’t let up until the perpetrators are held responsible. Thanks.
    Joseph N. Anderson, Vice-Chair, Utah Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee

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