First Amendment Rodeo 7/11-7/25, 2011

Censorship, General Interest, Intellectual Freedom Issues, Privacy, Technology

A round-up of intellectual freedom issues in the news

Lengthy Privacy Policy Discussions Leads to No Changes at Library

Anti Child-Porn Act Runs Into Trouble Over Privacy

Senators Ask Spy Chief: Are You Tracking Us Through Our iPhones?

Should warrantless GPS tracking be allowed?  USA Today
Opposing view: Warrantless GPS tracking needed: Jon Adler

How Facebook Secretly Aids Government Searches

Court OKs Airport Body Scanners, Rejects Constitutional Challenge
See also NY Times
See also EPIC

Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle

Free Speech
Library cancels White Pride Meeting
See also

Some parents don’t think porn belongs in library

Gloucester library’s gay pride exhibit causes conflict

Richland School Board reverses course on book ban

Woman wins appeal to have ‘Diaper Baby’ book banned

Tea Party Says Textbook Is Pro-Islam
See also:   Virginia Department of Education Responds To Tea Party Complaints

D303 parent joins conservatives pushing for textbook ban

Albemarle School Board to vote on expelling ‘A Study in Scarlet’
See also:
School Board Likely to Remove Challenged Book
Committee Member Explains Decision on Controversial Boook
Board Delays Decision On Controversial Book
School Board Delays Vote on Challenged Book

Maryland prison bans lifer’s book
See also:
The right to read upheld





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