First Amendment Rodeo 6/15-06/27/11

Censorship, General Interest, PATRIOT Act, Privacy, Technology

Lawmakers Seek Limits on Location Data Use

New Patriot Act Controversy: Is Washington Collecting Your Cell-Phone Data?

Justices to decide police use of GPS devices on suspects’ cars

Backward at the F.B.I.

Free Speech
Redding’s limits on leafleting at library blocked

Blue Mtn. School District to appeal Myspace case to high court

CBLDF Forms Coalition To Defend American Comics Reader Facing Criminal Charges in Canada

Should Kids Be Allowed to Rent R-Rated Movies From the Library?

The Ninny State The danger of overprotecting your kids from technology

Supreme Court Overturns California Violent Video Games Statute
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Supreme Court may reconsider radio, TV indecency rules – CNET News

Banned Books
On the banned wagon: Students investigate historic book banning

Shaking our heads again over Richland book policy

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