First Amendment Rodeo 5/9-5/23, 2011

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Newspaper Asserts a First Amendment Right to Erase Hillary Clinton from Situation Room Photo

Oak Harbor mom upset over book
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Washington State Mom Files Complaint Against School Over Sex-Ed Book

US prisoners refused all books except Bible

Merrill school board: no ban on book

‘Sexy’ Children’s Book Pulled from Library Shelves
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Fourth-grader’s mom complains about sex in book

Government Insists on Right to Censor Book

Frederick County school board agrees to review textbook
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Textbook raises questions for some Frederick parents

Before banning, let’s discuss ‘Lovingly Alice’

Freedom of Speech/Education

ACLU accuses Sumner County Schools of promoting Christianity

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ canceled at Morgan over concerns about racial slurs
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ACLU asks Morgan County high school to reconsider showing play

N.Y. school can censor cartoon in ‘forum’ and independent newspapers
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Court Backs Censorship of High School Paper’s Sex Cartoon

Privacy/Patriot Act
Bill Summary and Status – H.R.1800: PATRIOT Act Extension

‘House Judiciary Committee moves on PATRIOT Act provisions with no reforms’

Reid offers new legislation to extend several provisions of the PATRIOT Act

AP sources: Hill leaders agree on Patriot Act

Leaders reach Patriot Act deal — Politico

Support PATRIOT Act Reforms

Dem Senator: Allow Patriot Act to expire

Sen. Rockefeller introduces ‘do not track’ bill for Internet
Text of Legislation

Latest Treasure Is Location Data

Online Privacy: Can the U.S. Get Its Act Together?

Social-networking sites face new privacy battle
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California Bill To Give Parents Access To Kids’ Facebook Pages

Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’