First Amendment Rodeo October 19-November 6, 2011

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A round-up of intellectual freedom issues in the news

Censorship/Book Banning
Off-color book stirs debate at Old Rochester junior high
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ACLU puts legal pressure on districts to open filters on LGBT material
It’s all blocked: The real story behind the Internet at DHS
China Reins In Entertainment and Blogging
Mind/Shift: When School Web Filtering Comes Home

Freedom of Speech/Expression
Musical About Homosexuality And Prejudice Stirs Range Of Student Reactions
Artistic Judgment: How the Supreme Court Will Soon Decide How Much Access We Have to Art

Verizon to Share User Location Data, Browsing History With Marketers
Wyden says privacy laws need changes
FBI Going to Court More Often to get Personal Internet-usage Data
Get a warrant: Congress must act to protect privacy in digital age
Google: Governments seek more about you than ever
Technology: A bipartisan attempt to regulate the Internet?
Survey: Many parents help kids lie to get on Facebook
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Keeping Up With the Joneses–How Far Does the ‘Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’ Go?

Patriot Act
NPR: As It Turns 10, Patriot Act Remains Controversial
See also:

How the Patriot Act stripped me of my free-speech rights
Groups File Suit for Information on a Controversial Part of Patriot Act

Access to Information
Library card requires proof of citizenship at North Shelby
See also:

” V. A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged
because of origin, age, background, or views.”

“RESOLVED, That the American Library Association affirms the right of
individuals, regardless of their legal status, to library services.”

Oregon Man With Sniper Book Held Without Bail







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