FB Live Event: 6 Ways to Express Your Inner Activist for Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week

Six Ways to Express Your Inner Activist for Banned Books WeekBy: Kristin Pekoll

Some people use a tote, wear a button or display a bumper sticker that shouts “I Read Banned Books.” But even if you can’t promote your banned book pride 24/7, there are lots of ways you can demonstrate to the world that you believe everyone has the right to read, the right to access information, and the right to think for themselves.

Join the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) in this engaging Facebook Live event for six ways to express your inner activist for Banned Books Week. During the event, I will share tips and resources for:

  • writing to authors for the new “Dear Banned Author” letter-writing campaign;
  • recording a meaningful video for Stand for the Banned;
  • sharing and posting on social media for viral impact and much more!

Readers, community members and educators are invited to bring questions and ideas to the Banned Books Week Facebook page on Monday, September 17 at 12 p.m. Central.

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While the theme advocates for speaking out and raising our voices for a loud Banned Books Week, even introverts can find a way to champion the freedom to read and to condemn censorship.


Kristin PekollKristin Pekoll is the Assistant Director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. Kristin communicates with state library associations on current book challenges and publications that deal with censorship, privacy, ethics, and internet filtering. She organizes online education and training on the freedom to read and how to navigate reconsideration requests and media relations. Kristin started her career as a youth librarian in West Bend, Wisconsin. In 2009, over 80 YA LGBTQ books were challenged over 6 months. While the library board voted to retain all of the books in this case, she learned the indispensable value of support and education for librarians. She continued to fight against censorship in Wisconsin as the Intellectual Freedom Round Table Chair. Kristin’s husband and kids have joined her in Chicago but they all remain true Green Bay Packers fans. She enjoys zombies, knitting, and the Big Bang Theory. Find her on Twitter @kpekoll.

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