CPW 2013: Protecting Your Privacy on Public Access Computers: A Tip Sheet for Consumers


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Protecting your private information and web-surfing habits while using public access computers or public wi-fi is an important part of any plan to protect personal privacy.  Many people, however, are simply unaware of the easy-to-use strategies that will help them  guard their personal information from theft or inadvertent disclosure.

A new tip sheet, Public Computers and Wi-Fi Privacy, helps individuals understand the privacy risks associated with public access computing and outlines how they can protect their privacy while using public computers and public networks.  The tip sheet is available here at chooseprivacyweek.org as a free, downloadable PDF file and libraries, schools, and community groups are invited to share the tip sheet with their users, students, and members.  There are no restrictions on duplicating or posting the tip sheet for free distribution.

The Public Computers and Wi-Fi Privacy tip sheet is courtesy of Data Privacy Day and is offered in celebration of Choose Privacy Week.   Data Privacy Day, held every January 28, is the National Cyber Security Alliance’s annual effort to empower people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint while encouraging everyone to make the protection of privacy and data a priority.

Many thanks to Tiffany Barrett of Data Privacy Day for her assistance and support!

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