Office for Intellectual Freedom

Statement Regarding Midwest Tape/Hoopla Age and Content Ratings System 

The Office for Intellectual Freedom is aware that Midwest Tape / Hoopla plans to offer an audience or content filtering system to librarians and library workers. The system will allow librarians and library workers to filter the platform’s content based on whether Midwest Tape / Hoopla believes the materials contain content some consider questionable or controversial for certain audiences. OIF has reached out to Midwest Tape / Hoopla to discuss our concerns about the proposal.

Could Genre-based Classification Limit Intellectual Freedom?

BISAC headings have made their way into public and school libraries as well. A 2013 Knowledge Quest issue on the “Dewey Debate” provides a good intro to the “Dewey or don’t we” debate in school libraries, and many public libraries have made news for their move toward the “bookstore model,” what is often called a more patron-friendly approach than the Dewey Decimal System.

Common Sense Media Ratings

Common Sense Media: Promoting Family Values or Dictating Them?

These days, Common Sense Media’s initiatives contain a less than subtle paternalism based on the conviction that its values should control children’s learning experiences. Early pronouncements like Core Belief #6 (“We believe that through informed decision making, we can improve the media landscape one decision at a time”) suddenly come across as a determination to reform that landscape in its own image.