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The Nebraska Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee has started a blog to share information and spark discussion about committee activities and IF-related goings on. Check it out at

The most recent post discusses a decision by Creighton University president Rev. John Schlegel to rescind an invitation to Anne Lamott to speak as part of the school’s Women and Health lecture series. Some public opposition had arisen to the lecture after Lamott’s pro-choice politics and participation in an assisted suicide a decade ago came to light. In the wake of the cancellation, a group of Omaha churches agreed to sponsor Lamott at a larger venue in the city.

According to an article in the Omaha World-Herald:

Schlegel said Creighton will continue to allow the voicing of controversial opinions, including those inconsistent with Catholic teaching, on campus but will emphasize formats that allow for more balance and debate than does a sponsored lecture.

Creighton will form a task force to consider its speaker policies, said Patrick Borchers, the university’s vice president of academic affairs. The Jesuit university also will hold a series of lectures and panel discussions on academic freedom at a Catholic institution.

The NLA blog also has information on some upcoming Banned Books Week activities in the Cornhusker State.

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