Benefits of a Banned Books Week Box

Banned Books Week

Rebel readers, programming librarians and bookworms can support the freedom to read in style. The annual Banned Books Week Box is stocked with the newest banned book products from the American Library Association, all at discounted prices.

What’s in the Banned Books Week Box?

Save 15% when you subscribe to the Banned Books Week Box. For $26 a year (plus shipping), each Box comes with

"Words have power, read a banned book" poster 1 new Banned Books Week poster (regularly priced at $16)
"Words have power, read a banned book" bookmark 100 new Banned Books Week bookmarks (regularly priced at $10)
Field Report: Banned and Challenged Books 5 updated field reports: reports that detail recent book censorship cases and include tips on how you can stand up for the freedom to read (regularly priced at $1 each)


How does it work?
Banned Books Week Box: Subscribe & save 15%

Subscribe to the Banned Books Week Box to get an annual box of Banned Books Week goodies shipped straight to your home, office or library. For $26 per year, subscribers receive 1 poster, 100 bookmarks and 5 updated field reports.

What’s the deadline to subscribe?

You can subscribe any time. If you would like to receive a Banned Books Week Box stocked with the newest Banned Books Week campaign products (with the Words Have Power theme), subscribe to the Banned Books Week Box by 11:59 p.m. Central on Thursday, April 27.


When do I pay?

Subscribe now, pay later. You’ll be sent an invoice from the ALA Store distributor.


What really are the benefits?

  • Convenience. You won’t have to worry about finding updated Banned Books Week giveaways.
  • Discount. Save 15% when you subscribe to a Banned Books Week Box.
  • Payment. You can order the Box now, and receive an invoice later.
  • Supporting the freedom to read. ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom fights for the First Amendment in libraries across the U.S. It provides one-on-one support to libraries and educators who face book challenges. Supporting ALA’s Banned Books Week supports the office.


What other products do you have?

Visit the Banned Books Week shelf at the online ALA Store to see all products, or check out the 20% off Words Have Power set, tailored specifically to Banned Books Week events.



Contact the Office for Intellectual Freedom at

Banned Books Week Box, save 15%

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