Barbara Jones article on “The Speaker” program

Censorship, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference

American Libraries magazine blog The Scoop has uploaded the article penned by OIF Executive Director Barbara Jones announcing the conference program on The Speaker.

I was a student at Columbia University’s School of Library Service at the time, and my professors advocated on both sides of the issue. …  Recently, I was warned by members who attended that meeting not to bring up the controversy ever again. But some participants and a new generation of librarians want to revisit the film, and they have agreed to discuss it at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

Due to publishing deadlines, the article was written prior to the program’s announcement and ensuing discussion. Still, it’s relevant to the conversation and worth a read.

It also has been added to the “Contemporary Coverage” section of the ALA Library’s pathfinder.

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